How much interest do I pay? (What is the APR rate?)
The interest amount that you will pay will be determined by your credit rating. A number of factors are considered when lenders attempt to give individuals a credit score, such as:
Deposit, Loan Term, Previous Credit Activity, Traceability, Employment History, Income and Expenditure. We have a panel of responsible lenders who can provide interest rates varying from 10.9% APR – 49.9% APR

How much can I borrow?
Our panel of lenders can provide loans from as little as £2000 – £100,000  Credit limits are usually determined by consideration of overall credit score and income and expenditure details.

Do you take part exchange vehicles?
We guarantee our dealers will take any vehicles you would like to part exchange.

I have negative equity in my current car which is on finance – can I still do a deal?
Yes. We have lenders who can cover the difference between your existing agreement settlement figure and the vehicles current value. Up to a maximum of 110% of the vehicles value.

What types of driving licence do you accept?
Some lenders will consider applicants without a drivers license – whilst others will need at least a provisional license to be provided. Full Uk licences are accepted by all lenders and EU and other International licences are accepted by some.

What proofs do you require?
In all instances proof of ID is required – this can be A Full Uk Drivers License, Uk Passport or Debit Card.

Proof of address may also be required in some instances – Acceptable proofs are Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Mortgage Statements, Credit Card Statements. Proofs must show your current address and be dated within the last 90 days. In certain circumstances other proofs are acceptable – please ask for details.

Proof of affordabiltiy may also be required in some instances: Acceptable proofs would be employer provided wage slips or bank statements. (Bank statements if self employed)

Do I get to see the car?
Prior to signing finance documents you will be shown around the vehicle and a test drive can be arranged, prior to collection.

How long does the whole process take from applying for a loan to getting my new vehicle?
The process can be as quick as 24 hours from application to collection – so what are you waiting for!